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On January 18, 1958 an assembly of seven people came together for the purpose of forming a Missionary Baptist Church. They gathered at the home of Mae Woodley of Newark, New Jersey. Charles Steed called the meeting to order at 4:45p.m. and Mae Woodley sang hymns. The 2nd chapters of Acts was read and temporary officers were elected. The elected officers were Charles Steed, Chairperson and Richard C. Wright, Clerk. Present were Charles Steed, Richard C. Wright, Laura Joyner, Louise Phillips, Mae Woodley, Mary E. Williams, and Reverend Walter Williams. After several prayerfully meetings, they proceeded to adopt the New Testament as the official law of the church along with the Baptist Covenant, the Articles of Faith and the New Hiscox directory. Sister Mary E. Williams suggested that the church be named New Ephesus Baptist Church. They unanimously elected Reverend Walter T. Williams, Assistant Pastor of Aenon Baptist Church, Vauxhall, New Jersey to become their pastor.

On September 7, 1958, the church moved to 4 Boyd Street, Newark, New Jersey. From 1959 through 1960, Reverend Williams baptized eleven and received fourteen on Christian experience. New Ephesus Baptist Church was incorporated on January 9, 1961.

Reverend Williams was called to pastor Aenon Baptist Church in 1962. The church called Reverend Isaac Wheeler to pastor New Ephesus Baptist Church. In the spring of 1963, New Ephesus moved to 379 South Orange Avenue, Newark, New Jersey. Upon the retirement of Reverend Wheeler in 1971, New Ephesus and St. James Baptist Church merged under the name of New Ephesus Baptist Church and Reverend Howard Hodges, Pastor of St. James Baptist Church became pastor of New Ephesus Church on the 4th Sunday in November 1972. Reverend Hodges’ dream was to have a church building with all facilities on one floor. On Easter Sunday, March 1975, his dream was fulfilled and the congregation marched into their new and present building at 175 Brookwood Street, East Orange, New Jersey, all on one floor. After 23 of loyal service to New Ephesus Baptist Church, Reverend Hodges retired in May 1995. Much was accomplished by Reverend Hodges during his tenure at New Ephesus.

Pastor John Shore Jr. was officially called and manned the pulpit on April 6, 1996. Through Pastor Shore’s spiritual leadership, we have received intense biblical teaching of God’s Word. He is responsible for Tuesday and Thursday night bible study, complete renovation of the clerk’s office/finance office, pastor’s study, sound room, painting of the entire church inside and out, repair of the church roof, renovation of church parsonage, new dinning room furniture, central air condition/heat in the entire church, carpeting of the entire church, ceramic tile floors in foyer, new ceiling in foyer, new doors, new lighting fixtures, ice maker, additional kitchen appliances, remodeled men and women’s restroom, hot water lines installed, purchase of computer, copy machine, duplicator, parking lot adjacent to church, new van purchased, reorganization of the Mass Choir, new robes, Couples Ministry, Women’s Fellowship, Men’s Fellowship, Single’s Ministry, and Praise Team. Under Pastor Shore’s guidance, the church population has grown physically, spiritually and financially. We have outgrown our present facility, in order to fulfill the vision of God has given Pastor Shore, we are now under going the purchase of a larger facility to expand the ministries.

On March 1,2020, Rev. Dr. J. Vincent Grove was called as the next spiritual leader of the New Ephesus Baptist.

But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. 1 Corinthians 2:9